Don't Settle for Cookie-Cutter Surfaces in Auburn, Rocklin, CA or the Northern California area

Let's discuss your custom countertop design and installation options

Unlike conventional countertop materials, acrylic offers an infinite variety of customization options. A leading acrylic countertop installer in Auburn or Rocklin, CA can help you decide on colors and styles that complement your interior décor. Contact Sierra Solid Surfaces, Inc. if you're considering a custom countertop installation.

We'll be happy to discuss your options for custom...

  • Edge profiles
  • Inlaid designs, like logos
  • Backsplashes or wall cladding

We work with LG Hausys HI-MACS products, in addition to solid surfaces from:



  • Basix
  • Corian
  • Hanex
  • DuPont
  • Avonite
  • Formica
  • Wilsonart
  • LivingStone
  • Samsung Staron

Not sure where to start? Call 530-305-1078 today to schedule a free consultation. Let us know if you'd like to see product samples.



Think outside the box to create impressive surfaces

Think outside the box to create impressive surfaces

We make one-of-a-kind surfaces using a process called thermoforming. This technique involves...

  • Heating up acrylic until it's flexible.
  • Stretching the material over a 3D mold.
  • Cooling, trimming and finishing the surface.

The result is a seamless, solid surface that retains its unique shape. To learn more about our thermoforming process and your custom countertop installation options, contact Sierra Solid Surfaces today.

We proudly serve home and business owners in Auburn, CA and vicinity.